NITRILE O-RING Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (Buna-N)


Ge Mao Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of o-rings and gasket seals since 1981

Nitrile o-rings and seals are commonly used in hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals because of its superior resistance to wear and abrasion. As such, nitrile is the standard compound specified for such uses. However, nitrile or nbr may not be suitable or compatible with direct sunlight exposure and the ability of nitrile to resist the degradation effects of ozone and sunlight is limited.

Hydrogenated form of Nitrile known as HNBR is a formulation that addresses these shortfalls. Enhance formulations can enable nitrile to have added properties in terms of chemical and physical abilities. Nitrile is extensively specified as a material for use in many applications over a wide range of industries because of its relatively low cost and desirable mechanical properties.

Typical properties of Nitrile o-rings and seals include:

Relatively inexpensive
Low compression set and excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.
Ability to resist a wide range of industrial chemicals, including aliphatic hydrocarbons like fuel oils,
     butane, diesel and propane.
Also included are hydraulic fluids, silicone grease and di-ester based lubricants.

Nitrile is not compatible with:

Ultraviolet degradation
Ozone exposure
Direct exposure to sunlight and weathering
Aromatic fuels
Brake fluids (glycol-based)
Aromatic/chlorinated hydrocarbons
Aldehydes, ketones and strong acids